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  • What is black film faced plywood?

    What is black film faced plywood?

    Black film faced plywood, also named concrete plywood, formply or marine plywood. It is resistant to corrosion attack and water, easily combined with other materials and easy to clean and cut. Treating the film faced plywood’s edges with waterproof paint makes it highly water-and wear-resistant. ...
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  • Clear water film plywood

    Clear water film plywood

    Specific details of clear water film plywood: Name Clear water film plywood Size 1220*2440mm(4'*8'),915*1830mm (3'*6')  or upon request Thickness 9~21mm Thickness Tolerance +/-0.2mm (thickness<6mm) +/-0.5mm (thickness≥6mm) Face/Back Pine Veneer Surface Treatment Polished/Non-Poli...
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  • How to Pick a Plywood

    How to Pick a Plywood

    Two days ago, a client said that many of the plywood he got were delaminated in the middle and the quality was very poor. He was consulting me about how to identify the plywood. I replied to him that the products are worth every penny, the price is too cheap, and the quality will not be much bett...
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  • Salespeople are quarantined – Monster Wood

    Salespeople are quarantined – Monster Wood

    Last week, our sales department went to Beihai and was asked to quarantine after returning. From the 14th to the 16th, We were asked to isolate at home, and a "seal" was pasted on the door of the colleague's house. Every day, medical staff come to register and conduct nucleic acid tests. We origi...
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  • Monster Wood – Beihai Tour

    Monster Wood – Beihai Tour

    Last week, our company gave all the staff in the sales department a holiday and organized everyone to travel to Beihai together. On the morning of the 11th (July), the bus took us to the high-speed rail station, and then we officially started the trip. We arrived at the hotel in Beihai at 3:00 in...
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  • About Plywood – Our Quality Assurance

    About Plywood – Our Quality Assurance

    As the first responsible person for the quality and safety of imported and exported products, the company solemnly promises to take the following measures to control the quality of its own products: I. Comply with the relevant laws and regulations such as the "Import and Export Commodity Inspecti...
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  • Professional export-Plywood

    Professional export-Plywood

    This week, customs personnel came to our factory to guide the epidemic prevention work, and gave the following instructions. Wooden products will produce pests and diseases, so whether it is imported or exported, all plant products involving solid wood must be fumigated at high temperature before...
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  • Cylindrical plywood

    Cylindrical plywood

    Cylindrical plywood is made of high-quality poplar, which is lighter than ordinary poplar, has high strength, good toughness, and is easy to construct. The surface is made of large yin plywood, the inner and outer epoxy resin film is smooth, waterproof and breathable. Cylindrical concrete pouring...
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  • Detailed Description

    Detailed Description

    18mm*1220mm*2440mm Material: Pine wood panel, Eucalyptus & Pine Core Glue: The core board is made of melamine glue, and the surface layer is made of phenolic resin glue No of Plies:11 layers How many time sanded and hotpress: 1 times sanding, 1 times hot pressing Type of film: Imported film (...
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  • Our Product Improvements and Answers to Questions

    Our Product Improvements and Answers to Questions

    Recently our production formula has been upgraded, the red construction film faced plywood uses phenol glue, the color of surface is reddish brown, which is smoother and waterproof. What’s more,the amount of glue used is 250g, more than usual,and the pressure increases to larger, thus the strengt...
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  • The Domestic Epidemic Broke Out Again

    The Domestic Epidemic Broke Out Again

    The domestic epidemic broke out again, and many parts of the country were closed for management,guangdong, Jilin, shandong ,shanghai and some of  other provinces are severely affected by the epidemic.In order to effectively reduce the risk of transmission, hundreds of areas have implemented stri...
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  • A New Star in the Field of Building Formwork,GREEN PP PLASTIC FILM FACED Plywood

    A New Star in the Field of Building Formwork,GREEN PP PLASTIC FILM FACED Plywood

         With the continuous development of the construction industry, the types of building formwork are also emerging one after another. At present, the existing formwork in the market mainly includes wood formwork, steel formwork, aluminum formwork, plastic formwork, etc. When choosing a formwork,...
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