What does a sheet of plywood cost?

Film faced plywood,also known as phenolic film faced plywood,marine plywood, have a smooth and flat surface, which is easy to demold and clean during use; After forming, the surface of the concrete is beautiful. This plywood has high corrosion resistance and water resistance, and is easy to combine and cut with other materials; The use turnover is more than 12 times. Therefore, it is widely used in construction projects such as concrete, molding, or marine.



Using A+ grade pine board surface, moderate dry humidity, uniform density, strong corrosion resistance and water resistance.


Select 5-7 years of eucalyptus wood, which have small stuttering and good toughness, and full-core veneers are selected from the rotary cutting.


The surface coating is phenolic resin glue with strong waterproof performance, and the core board is made of melamine glue (single-layer glue up to 0.5KG), strong bonding performance

Monster Factory had 66 professional technicians, and about 200 other skilled workers were already very familiar with the production process of various plywood and had more than ten years of experience in plywood production.

For the past decade, the factory has focused on just one thing. It is positioned in the production and sales of various medium and high density boards such as medium and high-quality building and commercial plywood, film faced boards, packaging boards, melamine boards, and wooden squares. It is a comprehensive enterprise integrating production and sales.

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Therefore, a sheet of plywood, raw materials + labor + equipment depreciation + utilities, etc., the total cost is not low. We are a large factory that can produce products at the lowest price.

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