Salespeople are quarantined – Monster Wood

Last week, our sales department went to Beihai and was asked to quarantine after returning.

From the 14th to the 16th, We were asked to isolate at home, and a "seal" was pasted on the door of the colleague's house. Every day, medical staff come to register and conduct nucleic acid tests.

We originally thought that it would be fine to just be quarantined at home for 3 days, but in fact, the epidemic situation in Beihai is getting more and more serious. In order to prevent the potential spread of the epidemic and the requirements for epidemic prevention, we were told to go to the hotel for centralized isolation.

From the 17th to the 20th, the epidemic prevention personnel came to take us to the hotel for isolation. In the hotel, playing with mobile phones and watching TV is very boring. Every day I wait for the food delivery person to come quickly. Nucleic acid testing is also done every day, and we cooperate with the staff to measure our temperature. What surprised us the most is that our health QR code has become a yellow code and a red code, which means that we can only stay in the hotel and can't go anywhere.

On the 21st, after isolating from the hotel and returning home, we thought we would be free. However, we were told that we would be quarantined at home for another 7 days, during which time we were not allowed to go out. Another long quarantine time...

We actually played for 2 days. So far, We have been required to isolate for more than ten days. This pandemic has brought a lot of inconvenience. I really hope everything gets back to normal soon.

Post time: Jul-26-2022