Custom Clear Collagen Wood Color Plywood

This is a customized plywood panel requested by our foreign customers, and the quality of the high-end log color surface is clear at a glance.


It is produced by hand-arranging and then cold-pressing. After the cold pressing is completed, the board is glued, we use melamine glue without adding any color. The transparent glue is passed through and then hot pressed out to form. Finally, cut to size and pack.


Process features:

1. Use good pine and eucalyptus whole core boards, and there are no holes in the middle of the blank boards after sawing;

2. The surface of the board/plywood is coated with phenolic resin glue with strong waterproof performance, and the core board adopts melamine glue (single-layer glue can reach 0.45KG)

3. First cold pressing, then hot pressing, and then pressing twice, the board/plywood structure is stable.

Advantages of our products:

1. Use high-quality eucalyptus veneer, first-class board, and good materials to make good products

2. The amount of glue is sufficient, each board is 5 taels more than the ordinary board

3. Strict management system to ensure that the discharge board surface is flat and the sawing density is good.

4. High pressure.

5. The product is not deformed or warped, the thickness is uniform, and the board surface is smooth.

6. The glue is made of 13% melamine according to the national standard. The product is resistant to sunlight, water and moisture.

7. Wear-resistant, heat-resistant, durable, non-degumming, non-peeling, can be used repeatedly for more than 12 times.

8. Good toughness, high strength and many times of use

Reasons to choose us:

1. Strong production capacity, dozens of production equipment, complete varieties

2. The daily output of building templates reaches 30,000, and the inventory has 500,000

3. Good quality, high use frequency of building formwork site

4. The product is guaranteed, and the performance of the building formwork reaches the technical index

5. Different board specifications can be customized according to customer needs


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