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Melamine faced boards, whose substrates are particleboard, MDF, plywood, etc., are made by bonding the substrate and the surface. The surface veneers are mainly domestic and imported. Because they are fireproof, anti-wear, waterproof immersion treatment, the use effect is the same as the composite wood floor.It is often used in the decoration of indoor buildings and various furniture and cabinets, some panels, walls, cabinets, cabinet laminates, etc.

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Melamine Faced Boards

    The advantages of this kind of wood board are the flat surface, the double-sided expansion coefficient of the board is the same, it is not easy to be deformed, the color is bright, the surface is more wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and the price is economical.

Features Our advantage

 1.Carefully selected materials

From raw materials to finished products, we carefully have selected materials and strictly controlled every aspect of manufacturing. The products are not easy to deform, crack, shrink and swelling.

2.Smooth and neat

Not easy to warpage and drum up, neat corners.

3.Uniform density

Good uniformity, complete internal structure, high plate hardness.

4.Intimate after-sales service

Can be cut into various sizes according to specific requirements.


Melamine decorative wood board performance:

1.The surface layer can have various patterns at will, with bright colors, high hardness, abrasion resistance, and good heat resistance.

2.The performance of chemical resistance is general, and it can resist the abrasion of general acid, alkali, grease, alcohol and other solvents.

3.The surface is smooth and clean, easy to maintain and clean.

4.Melamine board has excellent properties that natural wood can't have, so it is often used in interior architecture and the decoration of various furniture and cabinets.

5.Melamine board is a wall decoration material. Some people use melamine boards to counterfeit laminate flooring for floor decoration, which is inappropriate.

Common specifications: 2440mm*1220mm, thickness 11.5mm-18mm


    Our Xinbailin trading company mainly acts as an agent for the building plywood directly sold by Monster wood factory. Our plywood are used for house construction, bridge beams, road construction, big concrete projects, etc.

    Our products are exported to Japan, UK, Vietnam,Thailand,etc.

    There are more than 2,000 construction purchasers in cooperation with Monster Wood industry. At present, the company is striving to expand its scale, focusing on brand development, and creating a good cooperation environment.

Guaranteed Quality

1.Certification: CE, FSC, ISO, etc.

2. It is made of materials with a thickness of 1.0-2.2mm, which is 30%-50% more durable than the plywood on the market.

3. The core board is made of environmentally friendly materials, uniform material, and the plywood does not bonding gap or warpage.


Place of Origin Guangxi, China
Brand Name Monster
Model Number melamine faced boards
Grade 5A grade
Size 2440mm*1220mm
Thickness 11.5mm-18mm
Moisture Content 5%-14%
Main Material eucalyptus, hardwood, etc.
Face/Back 2 side polyester / Melamine paper
Glue WBP Glue, Melamine Glue, MR,phenolic,etc.
Density 620-680 kg/cbm
Packing Standard Export Pallet Packing
MOQ 1*20GP. Less is acceptable


Q: What are your advantages?

A: 1) Our factories have more than 20 years experiences of producing film faced plywood, laminates, shuttering plywood,melamine plywood,particle board,wood veneer,MDF board,etc.

2) Our products with high-quality raw materials and quality assurance, we are factory-directly sale.

3) We can produce 20000 CBM per month, so your order will be delivered in a short time.

Q: Could you print the company name and logo on the plywood or packages?

A: Yes, we can print your own logo on plywood and packages.

Q: Why we choose Film Faced Plywood?

A: Film Faced Plywood is better than iron mould and can satisfy the requirements of constructing mould, the iron ones are easy to be deformed and can hardly recover its smoothness even after repairing.

Q: What is the lowest priced film faced plywood?

A: Finger joint core plywood is cheapest in price. Its core is made from recycled plywood so it has low price. Finger joint core plywood can only be used two times in formwork. The difference is that our products are made of high-quality eucalyptus/pine cores, which can increase the reused times by more than 10 times.

Q: Why choose eucalyptus/pine for the material?

A: Eucalyptus wood is denser, harder, and flexible. Pine wood has good stability and ability to withstand lateral pressure.

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